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The Air Conditioning & Heating Installation Staff at Weeks Is the Best on the Planet!

They work tirelessly in some of the worst conditions imaginable. In the summer they spend their days 140 degree plus attics.

Their work is among the finest craftsmanship to be found and their attitudes are always friendly & courteous.

Kudos go out to the Installation Staff!

Great People Make Great Companies

Generac Sales and Service

Installation Staff employees 18 full time Champion Installation Technicians.

Weeks Installation Staff

We do not use subcontractors as some companies do.

All of our employees have gone through an extensive hiring process, including background checks and drug screens. In fact, about only 1 in 100 applicants will make the cut and become a champion Weeks’ installation technician. 

Once hired they attend weekly training sessions to fine tune their skills, to study new technology, and to learn about ever changing city codes.

We utilize quality control inspections to ensure that each and every installation is done to the highest standards.

Harry Evelt

Harry Evelt

Installation Department Manager

Harry has been with since May 1981. Harry is instrumental in maintaining the high quality installation service that you will experience when having a new air conditioning & heating system installed.

Have questions about anything installation related. Harry is your man, feel free to give him a call at or .



Senior Installation Technician and Team Crew Leader

RD has been with Weeks since May 1994.

RD loves what he does and it shows in everything he does by his meticulous and well thought out planning. RD can be trusted for the most difficult and technically challenging installations. His expertise reigns supreme!



Senior Installation Technician and Team Crew Leader

John has been with Weeks since November 1997.

John is a true and steady trooper. He continuously sets the bar to the highest mark for the crews that he teaches. They are very lucky indeed to have a craftsman like this to learn the trade from. There is not an installation situation to ever arise that John could not champion! on Facebook on Twitter