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Air Conditioner Brands

Goodman Air Conditioners

Our Second Favorite Brand is Goodman

If you're on a tighter budget yet still demand the same quality this is the brand for you.

The Goodman air conditioner philosophy:

"Be the highest quality, lowest cost producer of heating and air conditioning equipment in the world."

Is it successful? Goodman's share of the market has grown faster than any other major manufacturer.

"Our Quality and Value speak for themselves"

Generac Sales and Service

Air Conditioner Brands

What Brand of Air Conditioner Does Daikin Air Conditoners Recommend?

Please remember that the brand you choose is only about 20% of what makes up the installation. Click link to see what Consumer Reports says about air conditioner brand importance.

With that being said we sell ALL BRANDS.

Daikin Goodman
American Standard Lennox
Carrier Rheem
Coleman Trane

Yet we do have our favorite... Daikin

As you may know, has sold and installed Amana air conditioning and heating equipment since 1992. In 2012 Amana was aquired by Daikin, one of the largest HVAC manufacturerers in the world. Daikin North America now has three U.S. brands it manages: Daikin, which is being marketed as a high-end premium brand; Amana, which is a mid-range brand; and Goodman, which is a more cost-effective, lower-end brand.

Why Daikin Air Conditioners?


Through the hottest Texas summers and the coldest wet winters this air conditioning equipment performs, day in and day out. 

Long-lasting reliability and efficiency

Yes, we can truly vouch for this. We've been installing these air conditioner & heater units for 22 years. My service technicians still perform annual maintenance on most of them, and the feed back I get is that they are holding up great!

Commitment to Quality

Daikin represents superior craftsmanship and world-class quality. In fact, the Amana plant in Fayetteville, Tennessee, was the first in the industry to be registered to the ISO 9001 Standard—the most comprehensive and demanding of the internationally recognized industry standards—for quality management systems. Engineers are constantly improving each Daikin air conditioner by incorporating the very latest in technology, design and efficiency.


This is obvious, just come in and take a look at the Daikin air conditioners in our showroom!

Quality Materials

Copeland compressors, anti-short cycle protection, service valves with sweat connections and gauge ports to provide years of reliable, leak-free use, the list goes on and on. Daikin's goal has always been to exceed your expectations, and they continue to emphasize manufacturing excellence in everything that bears the Daikin name. They require suppliers also meet their rigorous standards, and they continually monitor their components to further ensure quality. Quality air conditioner parts mean quality air conditioner products.


Daikin has one of the best warranties in the business. From 12 year parts warranties on 13-17 SEER equipment to lifetime heat exchanger warranties, they stand behind their product.

Outstanding Value

When you compare pricing Daikin is as competitive as it gets.

Economical Operation

With some of the highest efficiency ratings in the industry, you know these units will save money on electric bills. Just check out their AHRI certified efficiency ratings. They are even ETL certified.

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